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About The Guy van Volen Company. 

The Guy van Volen Company, is a film productions club with entertainment, original born in The Netherlands. It always want to be Western-International, because it's going to show its film projects to the western-world and culture. On this moment, I work solo, but only has online collaborations from the western-countries like the United States. However, I am not registered with an organization such as the Chamber of Commerce, and that is safe and obvious for me.


At the current time I create Documentaries, Cartoons, Video Editing, & Graphic Designs. 


I'm known as the creator of "Tony Motors". as proud I have the Tony Motors main character "Tony Johnson" as mascot of my production company, together with one of the KiddoFun main characters "Felix the Kangaroo".


Hey yo,

My name is Guy van Volen

I'm born and raised in Amsterdam, and I'm known as the creator of Tony Motors.I have a slightly form of (classic) autism, while I've got that diagnose when I was a toddler. I am a relaxed, and nice person. And my passion is: making content creation, art, animations and graphic designs. I'm also a Monster Truck fan, including other Motorsports to watch like Motocross, FMX etc.  My dream is: being popular (or just famous) in the Western-nations and Movie world of Hollywood. even in Dolmania (brand new nation in close-future) I want to be famous and having my headquarters, studios & my own future.

To know me better:

My skills drawing, editing (Programs: Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Animate)

My hobbies Playing video games, chilling

My likes Comics, video games, Monster Trucks, chillness, motocross, skateboarding, watching soccer, hot ladies, peace

My dislikes whining people, stressed, care insinuations, bossy, rudeness, misbehaving, strict people, violences, bullying

My favorite music taste Rock (Skate punk, Alternative, Punk, Grunge, Hard Rock)

My favorite movie Supercross (2005)

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Persons I collaborate with

The persons I collaborate with for different productions

Companies I collaborate with

The companies I collaborate with for different productions

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