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Monster Truck Brothers on Crowdfundr

Ding Dong Productions and Guy van Volen needs your help to raise money towards the 40 million US dollars to funding the movie project of Monster Truck Brothers to turn it into Production. Why are they doing this? Well, we'll explain.

The Investor where Guy had conversations with, might be a scammer. fortunately Guy didn't pay the $5000 to sign documents, because one of his collaborators warned Guy about him. and as followed, Guy will never do business with that Investor.

Ding Dong Productions and Guy van Volen are doing both two things. Letting one of his collaborators talk to another investor (who's found by the collaborator) and also launching the project at Crowdfundr to raise 40 million US dollar to fund the Monster Truck Brothers project to turn into production.

This is the link to the Crowdfundr page of Monster Truck Brothers, and we really need your help and support!

Thanks a lot.

Guy van Volen.

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