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2 cartoon series are ready for creation and the script for feature film has been sent to agency(s).

Since The Tony Motors cartoon short series got critics because the episodes were too short, we got a viewer's opinion by advising critics by making longer episodes of 10 or 20 minutes. we took this advice from the critic to make Tony Motors more successful because it has the opportunity to enter the adult cartoon TV world. The brand new adult cartoon series from Tony Motors (long episodes only) gets new information and stories.

The main characters will be: Tony, Britney, Kendal, Daxter & Reno. Melvin and Jolene are retired. and you also see Harvey, Alson, Frank, Lily, Alex, Coby, April, Jason in the series again. Tony's motorsport rival "Mario" is also back. but also Miss Linda, Principal Hammer will return as villains, and James the Germ will also make his debut as a villain.

The home city will no longer be in Los Angeles. The series departs from Los Angeles (California) to Speedville (North Carolina). Speedville is the original Tony Motors town in the Outer Banks. The first episode is based on the first and second pilots from 2018, but reanimated and more professional. The plot will be announced soon.

And also sometime this year, the first episodes of The Adventures of Crash Bandicoot will being released and are now in development. The first episode is based on the Crash Bandicoot game "The Wrath of Cortex", but a bit original. The Adventures of Crash Bandicoot will be the Crash Bandicoot cartoon series that will be made for Activision before or after the release of the first episode (especially as a gift for Activision). but for which cartoon channel is broadcast if it is allowed on youth television? Cartoon Network maybe?? Wumpa Island's orange construction company takes you through his adventures when the Crash cartoon is confirmed and shot. On The Adventures of Crash Bandicoot instagram is the new update of the first scene of episode 1. on YouTube you can still enjoy the intro confirmed by Ding Dong Productions (YouTube Channel). The Adventures of Crash Bandicoot will focus more on hero(s) vs villain(s) clash episodes, but NOT Bible humor shows at all, and also the project needs the same issues as the canceled Crash Bandicoot cartoon that was supposed to be published on Amazon.

And about the feature movie project "Monster Truck Brothers", as first Guy van Volen tried to create this movie under collaboration, but failed on find funding a lot. including the failure of seeking take over collaborations with Large US production companies from Hollywood needs to be resolved. by one option, and that is sending the script to the script agency(s). to show the brainstormed ideas as extra attachment thats a question sign that needs to be explored if it works or not. after a lot of stress of many fails, Guy needs some positive words. people told Guy "Don't give up" or even "Don't give up your dreams", and that works better to find a way to resolve the problem, to finally find some agencies he can send the script and movie ideas towards. And we'll see if it works or not.

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