2 Productions are official selected for Indie X Film Festival, Los Angeles 2021

Updated: Jun 11

The 2 productions "Tony Motors, and the Documentary "The Earlier Periods" have been selected for the round of July of IndieX Film Fest. This means that these 2 projects were shortlisted by the judges and can be nominated and awarded. Regardless of the final decisions, at this stage, the 2 projects are in the pool of entries that will be recognized with the official laurel of the festival and a custom certificate, considering the judges' score it got.

Still, please note that the official selection doesn't mean that The 2 projects will be screened. Theu are able to screen only award-winning films. The official selection, based on a cutline, is the first step of a very particular recognition of the merits of "Tony Motors" and "The Earlier Periods" considering the high competitiveness of the festival. This season has submissions from 18 countries with a total runtime of over 35 hours, plus the short scripts.

"Tony Motors" and "The Earlier Periods" will be considered now in the different categories it was submitted to and reviewed once again in direct competition with all of the other projects in the same slots.

The highest-rated for each category will be nominated.

The list of nominees and award-winning projects will be released in about one week from now and respective submitters contacted again at each step.

All certificates will be emailed after the announcement of the award winners, according to the final status of each project.

The nominees and award winners will receive also more information (namely IMDb listing process and invitations to join their streaming TV channel). The invitations for the live screening of this round at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, CA, will be done as soon as we are able to resume the in-person events, hopefully soon.

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