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collaboration on feature movie completely stopped after conflicts due to big stupid mistakes

After so many months of preparing well for the pre-production of the Hollywood feature film "Monster Truck Brothers" it ended completely wrong. I made a lot of mistakes, because I made a lot of wrong decisions, and I made a huge mess again. I had hired the production accountant, script writers, producers etc, while having almost no money, and having become poor due to many crises. While I hadn't told before, yet stupidly let it pass without a second thought, I'm being noticed as "the con artist" by this, all the mistakes I've made in these matters where I've made a mess of it, I give it because I completely ruined it for everyone and for myself. and because of this I have completely removed the movie production crew's group chat on WhatsApp, and I don't want to think about it anymore, because it hits me hard with depression, drama, and sadness. I'm the only one who ruined everything, absolutely everything. That's why I never want to represent the financial part of making movies and productions again. After speaking the truth about it to my collaborators by not reporting it before, and getting negative criticism for it, I immediately knew "oh no, this is going to go horribly wrong".

But now the question is, what next? I'm going to pitch the Pitch deck and script to Warner Bros and other Entertainment companies and film writing agencies. But how I do that, that's private.

- Guy van Volen

(owner of Ding Dong Productions)

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