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First funding, before collaboration with film companies + makers "Monster Truck Brothers" continues

The collaboration with film producers/makers/directors: Joe Thomas, Quian Redfern, Jonathon James Williams is a fact, including the collaboration with another film production company from New York "District 51 Studios". But first we need the funding before the collaboration continues. the Upcoming Monday "28th of November" (Midnight - Amsterdam local time & evening New York time) I really hope to hear If the funding-deal with Film Investors works. why? because I can't wait we can continue developing the full-length feature movie "Monster Truck Brothers" for a start as Pre-production. I made the (wish) list of the cast, and locations, I really want to see in this movie. As main cast I put these 5 famous actors/actress in the list: Nat Wolff, Ryan Lee, Dove Cameron, Sabrina Carpenter & Alyvia Alyn Lind.

I even made this example movie poster:

There next to I try to find sponsors, who sponsored Monster Jam during the years 2007 and 2008 too. to make this movie feasible is to ask permission for footages from and also to be sponsored by Feld Entertainment (the owner of Monster Jam nowadays) by filming only the Monster Jam shows actions in a big fiction (movie) studio, and only to film within the US only such as in various places in White Plains (NY) and at the Diggers Dungeon (NC). the locations such as Houston (TX), Las Vegas (NV), Cardiff (Wales, UK) and Arnhem (Netherlands) only the backgrounds are filmed to make it easy to film in the studio, without the hassle of travelling. The images of the Monster Jam shows we need are the shows in Arnhem 2007 (pit party and Saturday night show), Cardiff 2007, Houton 2008, and Las Vegas 2008 (World Finals 9).

I really hope Feld Entertainment and Monster Jam reads this blog post, and I hope for a strong collaborations with US Film Production companies, producers, sponsors and including Feld Entertainment.

this post is written by me:

Guy van Volen

written on the 23rd of November, 2022.

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