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Monster Truck Brothers Update: Script is Registered, but now pitching it!

Since the morning at the Dutch local time, the script of Monster Truck Brothers is registered to a Network of Screenwriters (as organisation) that's based in London (UK). The next step is pitching it towards large Production companies as: Amazon Studios, Warner Bros, Alcon Entertainment, New Regency and Dolphin Entertainment. I hope (one/few of) these company(s) will take over the whole project, while I can attend on the Filming days and premiere. there next to we need to find sponsors to secure the funding to let the project taken over by the large Production company(s). Once again, I try if crowdfunding works or not. But finding sponsors might be the best option. When the whole project of Monster Truck Brothers is being taken over, than the sponsors still staying but will be connected to the production company(s) where it's pitched towards together with the Pitch Deck and Registered Script. I hope the Monster Truck Brothers will being exist as a Hollywood Feature movie production soon.

Guy van Volen

April 14, 2023 - 10 PM @ Amsterdam (Netherlands) local time.

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