Tony Motors comes with new good episodes soon

Since last week, the next new episodes of Tony Motors are Pre-productions. by writing new ideas, scripts, and drawing storyboards, the engines of Tony's vehicles will make their actions.

The new episodes will be the last few episodes of Season 02. The Episodes will be:

New episode Reveal #1: Tony and Daxter are contesting at the Monster Energy Supercross, where not only Motocross attends on, but also Sports cars and Monster Trucks. Daxter is contesting the Motocross contest of the event, and Tony does the Sports car and Monster Truck Racing. Tony, Daxter and his fellow brand athletes, will facing the brand's rivals "Red Bull and Rockstar". and as surprise, Tony's brother "Matthew" is contesting with Team Red Bull together with Matthew's son "Brandon". Daxter and Brandon are not making the victory cause of injury's and both landed into the Hospital.

New episode Reveal #2: The Johnsons are taking the conversation with Tony's father "Billy" about the hate are descend out of the world, by many countries forbids slaughtering of animals. Tony and his Motorsports Crew celebrate it a bit, but on Daxter's High School, students are still getting used to it.

New episode Reveal #3: After that Melvin came back home from Gangster trip, James the Germ breaks out and hides his self behind the tree. While a large green smoke are flying on the street in front of the Johnson's House, Tony, Daxter, Kendal and Reno comes outside to see what happened, and they face James. while James is trying to eliminate the Johnsons, Tony calls the FBI and the US Army, to arrest James, after a little fight.

New episode Reveal #4: Tony participate on the Sports Car Racing Event named "Wheel Mania", Hosted by Nestor Snot. and of course Tony faces his biggest Motorsports rival "Mario". while Travis Pastrana who also participate with his Nitro Circus JackAss cart. It turns into a heavy race, where Mario almost taking the victory. after Mario's vehicle got broken, Tony passed him , and takes the victory and event championship.

New episode Reveal #5: The Grown Up of the Johnsons. In September 2001, while the Johnsons toke their vacation to New York City, and after checking out on their hotel on departure in New York, they are refuge and evacuate away from New York cause of the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers, and that became the first conflict between Tony and Jolene. In March 2007, Daxter went to his very first time to the Monster Jam World Finals that was organised in Las Vegas, together with Tony and Kendal. 10 years later in 2017, Melvin had it a bit difficult cause he is the only child who lives at home. Kendal was moving out from house while she gave birth of her daughter and son, and Daxter is studying on College. while Melvin and Reno takes a ride by Reno's car, they toke a look into a Motorsports garage "Madusa Motorsports", and as surprise there they encounter Kendal, cause she owns this Motorsports Garage and company, while she has her own Motorsports vehicles and Monster Truck. that means Kendal follows the profession footprints of her father. During Christmas dinner together with the whole family, Daxter came back from College while he was graduated his Motorsports study on College. In 2025 after COVID, Daxter has his own Motorsports Garage, while he also follows the footprints of his father. he is married with her girlfriend/wife "April", and together they have 2 kids (sons). The Family day "MotoJohnson Day" with the whole Johnson family was without Jolene, cause Jolene died in Jail by Heart Attack, after using hundreds of drugs, and behaved really wild last moments. But Tony, Kendal and Daxter have both a good life and a good future.

First Halloween episode Reveal: Kendal and Daxter are both going to the Halloween Party with their own friends. while Daxter and the rest of the local place faces James the Germ as surprise, they falls into Jame's trap. James is in town to ruin everyone's Halloween with his team or army, especially to ruin Daxter's Halloween. James wants to eliminate Daxter, Daxter is scared and is calling Kendal for help. Kendal and Lily are arrived to save Daxter and his fellow victims of James. but Tony eliminates James by his Germ Eliminator Gun.

After the next and last 6 episode of Tony Motors Season 02, there are always plans for the 3rd season of Tony Motors. and also plans for a Tony Motors Movie for nowadays as Pre-production.

From now, the episodes will being created and animated under online collaborations with online collaboration animators, storyboard artists, etc.

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