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Civillian A

By Darien Dave & Luke Griffiths

In a post-pandemic London rife with corruption, two young men – FREDDIE TELL and SAB SHARMA – skirt the wrong side of the tracks. While navigating a crime-and-drug riddled society manipulated by a shadowy drug lord, Freddie unexpectedly finds himself gaining remarkable superhuman abilities that could very well overturn the status quo. Coping with his own growing inner demons while managing a rocky personal relationship with his girlfriend, Freddie becomes a vigilante as he tries to uncover the powerful figures who may be behind his new abilities. Freddie and Sab must clash with both the most powerful criminal in the city’s history, and a corrupt police force...all the while inspiring a faithful cult of followers to rise up against an insidious Government who have made Freddie the target of a nationwide manhunt.

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