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Tony Motors - poster (January 2023)_edited_edited.jpg

Tony Motors


About a Motorsports family from a town in the Outer Banks "Speedville (North Carolina)" that has a father as Motorsports man and having his own large Motorsports garage next to the his house. Tony drives a sports car, and a Monster Truck. his youngest child, the 12 year old son "Daxter" is a Motocross athlete. Kendal is one of the sexiest popular girl of the town and the family. 

Tony Motors is inspired by Supercross the Movie (2005), Gas Monkey Garage & Brickleberry.

the Humor of Tony Motors is rough, and contains some foul language, fetish actions.

More information about the renewed Tony Motors will be known soon as possible.

Links for more

Official YouTube channel to watch Tony Motors episodes

Tony Motors WIki (Tony Motors Fandom site)

The Characters

Tony Motors - poster (January 2023)_edited.jpg


Jet Falco                        -   Tony Johnson

Lydia Evans                   -    Britney Loren-Johnson

Elissa Lewiss                 -    Kendal Johnson

Justice Margowski        -    Daxter Johnson

Jesse John Jones         -    Reno Johnson

Mildhot Sauce               -    Harvey Roberts

Erin Culpepper              -    Lily Grace

Thor Hernandez            -    Alex Jones, James the Germ

Katherine Black             -    Miss Linda

Glen Hannah                 -    Principal Hammer

Anthony LoGatto           -    Mario Agnese, Mark Maldonado

Eduardo Lozano            -    Alson Rodriguez

Patrick Horton                -   Coby Maldonado

Elric Atchison                 -    Frank Heathrow


Creator:                                 Guy van Volen

Writers:                                  Guy van Volen, Jenny Babel

Storyboard Artist:                  Austin Davis

General Staff Member:         Jenny Babel

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